OS Support

Linux is the main target for this tool. The support for other Unix like operating systems is limited. Most of the advanced environment setup functionality, like cpu sets or disabling hyper threading, is Linux specific.

What works and what does not

  • temci exec and temci short
    • the perf_stat runner is Linux specific

    • all other runners should work, but it is uncertain whether the rusage runner works

    • the time runner requires the gtime program to be installed

    • most the environment setup code (i.e. the plugins) don’t work, with the exception of preheat and sleep that are implemented in python

    • --sudo is only supported on Linux

  • temci shell
    • see temci exec for the supported plugins

  • temci setup
    • might not work

  • temci report, temci build, temci clean, temci completion, …
    • without any constraints

Other Unixes

Other Unix like operating systems aren’t currently tested. But there is a chance that they might work as well.


Windows is currently not supported, but temci report might still work. The Linux subsystem in Windows might enable the usage of the features that work on Apples OS X.