temci build

Build programs before the actual benchmarks, can checkout specific git commits. This has the advantage of being able to configure the build for all benchmarked programs and to build these programs at once. This build config also contains the run config for each program. temci build compiles a run config and stores it into a file that can be directly used with temci exec (or other configured run drivers).

For most cases using the builder capabilities of `temci exec <temci_exec.html#building>`_ should be enough. This also has the advantage of using a single command for all benchmarked programs, whether they need to built or not.


Usage: temci build [OPTIONS] BUILD_FILE

  --tmp_dir TEXT                  Used temporary directory  [default:
  --threads INTEGER               Number of threads that build simultaneously
                                  [default: 1]
  --sudo                          Acquire sudo privileges and run benchmark
                                  programs with non-sudo user. Only supported
                                  on the command line.  [default: False]
  --sudo / --no-sudo              Acquire sudo privileges and run benchmark
                                  programs with non-sudo user. Only supported
                                  on the command line.  [default: False]
  --settings TEXT                 Additional settings file  [default: ]
  --out TEXT                      Resulting run config file  [default:
  --log_level [debug|info|warn|error|quiet]
                                  Logging level  [default: info]
  --in TEXT                       Input file with the program blocks to build
                                  [default: build.yaml]
  --help                          Show this message and exit.

in, out and threads can also be set in the settings in the build block.

Be aware the parallel building or building multiple version of a program is still fragile.


A build config (build_config.yaml) file for tool called test might look like this:

- attributes:
     description: 'test'
     run_cmd: 'sh test'
     build_cmd: 'echo "sleep 1" > test'

To build it, run temci build build_config.yaml, resulting in the following run_config.yaml:

- attributes:
    description: test
    tags: []
    cwd: [.]
    run_cmd: sh test

With temci exec

temci exec supports calling the builder directly, omitting the call to temci build. Just call temci build if you want to separate building and benchmarking.

File Format

temci build accepts a file that consists of a YAML list of the entries in the following format:

# Optional attributes that describe the block
    description:         Optional(Str())

    # Tags of this block
    tags:         ListOrTuple(Str())

# Build configuration for this program block
    # Base directory that contains everything to build an run the program
    base_dir:         Either(DirName()|non existent)
                default: .

    # Used version control system branch (default is the current branch)
    branch:         Either(Str()|non existent)

    # Command to build this program block, might randomize it
    cmd:         Str()

    # Number of times to build this program
    number:         Either(Int()|non existent)
                default: 1

    # Used version control system revision of the program (-1 is the current revision)
    revision:         Either(Either(Str()|Int())|non existent)
                default: -1

    # Working directory in which the build command is run
    working_dir:         Either(DirName()|non existent)
                default: .

# Run configuration for this program block
run_config:         Dict(, keys=Any, values=Any, default = {})

VCS Support

Currently only Git is supported, but adding support for other version control systems is simple. The code for the VCS drivers is in the temci.utils.vcs module.