temci shell

temci short shell opens a shell in a benchmarking environment. It allows to execute your own benchmarking suite in its own cpuset with disabled hyper threading, …. This command has the same options as temci exec (regarding presets and plugins).

For example running your own benchmarking suite bench.sh in a reasonably setup environment can be done via:

temci short shell ./bench.sh

The launched shell is interactive:

> temci short shell
>> echo 1

temci shell accepts an input file as its argument which has the following structure (see ShellRunDriver:

# Optional build config to integrate the build step into the run step
build_config:         Either(Dict(, keys=Any, values=Any, default = {})|non existent)

# Optional attributes that describe the block
    description:         Optional(Str())

    # Tags of this block
    tags:         ListOrTuple(Str())

    # Execution directory
    cwd:         Either(List(Str())|Str())
                default: .

    # Command to run
    run_cmd:         Str()
                default: sh

    # Environment variables
    env:         Dict(, keys=Str(), values=Any, default = {})