temci.scripts package


temci.scripts.cli module

temci.scripts.temci_completion module

Just a more performant version of temci completion that rebuilds the completion files only if the temci version changed. The advantage over using temci completion directly is, that it’s normally significantly faster.



temci_completion [zsh|bash]

``` This returns the location of the completion file.


Process the command line arguments and call temci completion if needed.

temci.scripts.temci_completion.completion_dir() → str[source]

Get the name of the completion directory

temci.scripts.temci_completion.completion_file_name(shell: str) → str[source]

Get the completion file name for the passed shell and the current temci version

temci.scripts.temci_completion.create_completion_dir() → str[source]

Create the directory for the completion files if it doesn’t already exist.


temci.scripts.version module

Contains the current version of temci.

temci.scripts.version.version = '0.8.2'

The current version of temci

Module contents

This directory contains the command line interface and tab completion code and also the several wrapper scripts and the projects C++ code in sub directories.